Week 1 — Possibilites

Week 1 — Possibilites

I can’t believe it’s been a year since I started my first MKMMA!  So many positive things have happened this past year, or, should I say rather, that I have made so many positive changes this past year.  I’m excited for my friends Elizabeth and Cristin to start this journey to the true blueprint of their lives.  This year, I am even more excited because I know that the information given here –if you choose to receive it — will open up all kinds of possibilities.

Change is usually not something people want — but it is inevitable.  The best part to me about this course is that once you realize what type of change you can affect with your mind — given the right tools to direct it —  that you are more in control of the changes in your life than ever before.  That’s a roundabout way of saying “This shit works!”  Will this next round be a bit painful as the first one was? Probably.  But so worth it.  A friend sent me this video just before I sat down to write this post… very timely.

Why Do We Fall


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  1. Nancy O September 30, 2016 at 2:36 am - Reply

    Hey, Lesley! Glad you’re back and glad you’ve encouraged friends to join the journey to greatness! I’ll be interested to see your growth this year from a new place – of knowing what’s possible when you give yourself to the process! Always your cheerleader – Nancy O 🙂

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