Week 11 — Possibilities

Week 11 — Possibilities

I admit that for the first time, I could not figure out what to write about… my week has gone very smoothly and I have not noticed anything especially important or what I feel would be of interest to fellow Master Key students.  Am I in denial of what is really going on with me?  I am great at pretending things are fine when they really aren’t that great.  It’s a coping mechanism I learned early on — in fact, it’s so strong that I can forget negative things that happen to me almost immediately after they happen.  Maybe this is a good thing.  On the other hand, maybe it’s not.  The mind is so powerful.

The Chapter this week from the Master Keys is all about the power of thought.  I was curious about sentence 33, which reads:

“Wisdom begins with the dawn of reason, and reason is but an understanding of the knowledge and principles whereby we may know the true meaning of things.  Wisdom, then, is illuminated reason, and this wisdom leads to humility, for humility is a large part of Wisdom.”

What does this mean?  The definition of wisdom (Wikipedia) is:

Wisdom is the ability to think and act using knowledge, experience, understanding, common sense, and insight.[1] Wisdom has been regarded as one of four cardinal virtues; and as a virtue, it is a habit or disposition to perform the action with the highest degree of adequacy under any given circumstance. This implies a possession of knowledge or the seeking of knowledge to apply to the given circumstance. This involves an understanding of people, objects, events, situations, and the willingness as well as the ability to apply perception, judgement, and action in keeping with the understanding of what is the optimal course of action. It often requires control of one’s emotional reactions (the “passions“) so that the universal principle of reason prevails to determine one’s action. In short, wisdom is a disposition to find the truth coupled with an optimum judgement as to what actions should be taken.

Humility is defined as:

Humility (adjectival form: humble) is variously seen as the act or posture of lowering oneself in relation to others, or conversely, having a clear perspective and respect for one’s place in context. In a religious context this can mean a recognition of self in relation to a god or gods, acceptance of one’s defects, and submission to divine grace as a member of a religion.[1][2] Outside of a religious context, humility is defined as the self-restraintfrom excessive vanity, and can possess moral and/or ethical dimensions.[3][4]

Humility, in various interpretations, is widely seen as a virtue in many religious and philosophical traditions, often in contrast to narcissism, hubris and other forms of pride.

Humility by definition can also be the quality or condition of being humble.

OK so where’s the link between the humility and wisdom besides the fact that they are both virtues?  Do you become more humble when you realize how much you don’t know?  Hmmm… I don’t think that’s it although that is probably true.

What does the “true meaning of things” really mean?  Whose perspective factors into the truth or one’s perception of it?  Perhaps it is necessary to humble one’s truth so that truth from a higher source can prevail?  Chapter 11 references a source of wisdom  from the quote “Whatsoever things ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them and ye shall have them”.  No this did not come from the movie The Secret!

the secret

We are limited by our ability to see the true meaning of things because we are not God — but He has given us wisdom in this book.  Although we may not see how things are going to end up, by faith, we can believe that they already are and by that faith, they become.  This is a profound truth when you are able to take that leap of “faith” or wisdom, and just go for it.  I think that’s what this course is really all about, or it’s at least one of the most important lessons.  Gosh, I did have something to say after all!

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  1. masterkeybritta December 11, 2015 at 11:05 pm - Reply

    yes you did! Absolutely!
    (have something to say)

  2. remarkablehealth December 12, 2015 at 4:48 am - Reply

    Hi Lesley.
    This is a beautiful post. Sometimes when you think your mind is empty, it’s just empty of junk. Your post is pure good.

  3. Darren Grodi December 12, 2015 at 6:43 pm - Reply

    For not knowing what to write about this blog hit home for me! Great Post and Keep Smiling!

  4. Nancy O December 19, 2015 at 2:39 pm - Reply

    Sometimes “fine” is just fine, and we can rest in that for the moment. You have much to say that is of interest, and you found that when you start, it comes! Thanks for a great post!

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