Week 7 — Hanging in

Week 7 — Hanging in

I can’t believe this week is over! Isn’t perception of time an interesting concept?  Sometimes if feels as if my day is very long and I get a lot done but lately it feels as if the days are just whipping past me.  I have one compass scotch-taped to my planner and two more are sitting near my computer.  Live by the compass and not the clock!

My calendar is not as busy as it used to be as I am now more aware of how my busyness and rushing around was stressing me out!  One benefit is that I can now allow unexpected moments to happen such as chatting with someone from my Pilates class this morning instead of rushing off to another appointment.   Interestingly enough, although I am not meeting with as many prospects as I was a few weeks ago, my business has not fallen off and is increasing somewhat!  I think my subby is working on bringing about my goals in my Definite Major Purpose somehow.

As far as the recording,  when I clicked on something on my phone  related to karoake the other night, the song “I can believe I can fly” came up first and this is the exact song I had chosen a few months ago when I was at my company’s convention as the song I would use when I walked as a “diamond” next year.  Thanks to MKMMA, my goals have shifted a bit as far as my aspirations in my company but the song is perfect for my recording!  Even the words “the everlasting arms”, which I actually did not know where in that song are perfectly aligned with my DMP goals!  Things are coming together.

Still working on my poster to be honest.  I have all the materials laid out on the dining room table and will do it tomorrow for sure.  I love seeing the shapes posted everywhere around the house and they make me happy. I have struggled this week with doing all of the items on the list for MKMMA — mostly reading the PR and the blueprint builder.  And, of course, the sit is still not in the picture.  I am not sure why I am having such a hard time with this!  My friends meditate — I even purchased a how to meditate webinar about six months ago but never even listened to it.  Houston, we have a problem! I am not going to quit, though.  I think my new strategy will be to start at the beginning with Haanel’s instructions instead of jumping to this week’s descriptions of the sit.  Instead of trying to do it perfectly, I’ll just try to do something, even if it’s for just a few minutes.

Lastly, the mental diet of recognizing when my mind produces negative thoughts, which is A LOT!  I am starting to catch them faster, though.

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  1. Nancy O November 14, 2015 at 1:40 pm - Reply

    You’re making real progress, Lesley. You will really enjoy the sit – do it now!

  2. kishahlom November 14, 2015 at 10:25 pm - Reply

    I used to try to get everything “perfect” and then i realized i was Perfect just because i was making the decision to keep going and that Excellence is All i need to be. Which i am.
    If i Find myself in a mood of Sweat, thinking i am not enough, or doing enough, or EVERYTHING isn’t done YET. or Perfect in my mind, i simply think of so much to be grateful for, what i focus on becomes and then tell my inner child, ” You Did Excellent!”
    because that is really all i want to hear, approval from myself.
    I Love Myself no matter what, and i Am DOING this, even if Everything doesn’t seem perfect,
    It is and Im Never going to be Done, or Finished.
    The Best of Me is Still yet to be!

  3. masterkeyjac November 15, 2015 at 12:29 am - Reply

    That’s awesome things are starting to manifest for you!!

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