Week 3 — Emotions

Week 3 — Emotions

This week is all about emotions for me during my third week in MKMMA.   I have been wondering whether I can even properly identify my emotions… the company I work with has introduced a new line of aroma emotions oils and on the chart to determine which oil to use, there is a wheel of emotions such as sad, grieving, etc.  When I look at this chart, I feel overwhelmed with difficulty deciding exactly what I am feeling.  I know how I feel in a general sense, but have realized that much of my day is spent in a numb state just rushing from one task to another.

I have found it especially difficult to do the meditation exercises every day.  Turning off my mind and just being still is so hard for me.  Others I have asked about it say the same thing and to just stick with it.  Last night I tried to quiet my mind in a hot bath with epsom salts.  Still no progress on turning off my thoughts!  Will keep trying.

An interesting thing that has happened this past week, however, is that I have become fascinated with the idea of energy healing and emotions.  It’s as if all the resources I need to learn about this area are flying at me — from comments my friends make to internet searches to Amazon book purchases to a referral to an energy practitioner from my chiropractor.  My long standing hobby of studying neuroscience has changed towards really understanding the link between emotions and physical health.  Part of this change is the upcoming biopsy I have on a thyroid nodule that was discovered on a CT scan from an auto accident a couple of months ago.  I think that the blueprint I’ve been living with has not served me and may have contributed to the formation of this nodule.  I love especially my new find in Dr. Leaf at www.drleaf.com

Reading the part 3 of the workbook helped me to understand even more about the link between thought and the effect you can have on yourself and others.  I can think of people whose Solar Plexus was fully functioning — I was drawn to them and just loved being in their presence.

As far as my DMP goes, I’ve decided to modify it quite a bit.  My PPNs have changed from Autonomy and Helping Others to True Health and Helping Others.  When I made the decision to switch them and re-write most of the DMP, I felt great relief, so I think I’m on the right track!  Feeling more in control and not so fearful….:)

You cannot control the events and circumstances of your life but you can control your reaction to those events and circumstances…

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  1. mknancy October 16, 2015 at 3:17 pm - Reply

    It’s cool that “clues” are flying at you, and that you are OPEN to seeing them!

  2. abend1 October 21, 2015 at 9:48 pm - Reply

    I also love that you see the “clues” flying to you!

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