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Bemer is a biophysical application that activates the body’s own powers of self-healing and has been a tool I have found useful in healing myself and my family.

Health Coaching by Lesley Witt

Health Coaching

Lesley is a graduate from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and trained to help clients identify areas of imbalance in their lives and learn how to implement lifestyle changes.

Meet Lesley Witt

When I was a child growing up in California in the 60’s my mother applied her interests in health and wellness with me with nutrition, La Leche League, Jack LaLanne.

There was great access to fresh fruit and vegetable in that part of the country. I had no processed food because my mother made my baby food! There was no ice cream in our freezer but once a year we went to Arby’s as a special treat. My sister and I were the ones with the Easter baskets with carob instead of chocolate and honey candy which I still enjoy.

As many do when they leave home, in college my check register reflected my exploration of other foods as almost every entry was to Domino’s Pizza! I did not make the connection between my frequent colds and sinus infections as well as digestive woes to ingesting dairy and gluten for many years. In fact, it was only after I became a student at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition that my health struggles resolved due to the dietary changes I started to make by limiting dairy and gluten.

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Client Success Stories

I’ve been going to Lesley for over a year. Her massages have been have been instrumental in managing my pain and health issues. She is a great listener, constantly striving to learn about my individual issues, while continually educating herself. I highly recommend!

Chris, Massage Therapy Client

Thank you Leslie for the recent Bemer sessions. My knee injury started to feel so much better after just one session. And I slept great! I highly recommend trying out the Bemer if you are having any injuries, joint pain, or circulation problems.

Megan, Bemer Client

Lesley, thank you helping start my journey to a better & healthier me. You opened the idea that we are all so worth it.

Marty, Wellness Coaching Client

I am so thrilled to have met Lesley Witt, as she introduced me to the BEMER. I call it my little miracle machine by easing up my neuropathy, restless leg syndrome, have back issues that have been helped! Plus even some facial wrinkles have lightened up ! Yay!!

Rosemarie, Bemer Client

Lesley is an amazing massage therapist! I had a lot of really tight areas in my neck and shoulders and she worked wonders on releasing those knots while still providing a relaxing massage experience. Definitely coming back!

Megan, Massage Therapy Client

From Pain to Relief: I had tried everything I could think of to give relief from joint inflammation in both knees: NSAIDs, exercises and diet with little success. Then I was introduced to Bemer technology. Within 16 sessions (2 1/2 weeks )I had found relief. I am very impressed with this product.

Lucy, Bemer Client