Client Success Stories

I’ve been going to Lesley for over a year. Her massages have been have been instrumental in managing my pain and health issues. She is a great listener, constantly striving to learn about my individual issues, while continually educating herself. I highly recommend!

Chris, Massage Therapy Client

Thank you Leslie for the recent Bemer sessions. My knee injury started to feel so much better after just one session. And I slept great! I highly recommend trying out the Bemer if you are having any injuries, joint pain, or circulation problems.

Megan, Bemer Client

Lesley, thank you helping start my journey to a better & healthier me. You opened the idea that we are all so worth it.

Marty, Wellness Coaching Client

I am so thrilled to have met Lesley Witt, as she introduced me to the BEMER. I call it my little miracle machine by easing up my neuropathy, restless leg syndrome, have back issues that have been helped! Plus even some facial wrinkles have lightened up ! Yay!!

Rosemarie, Bemer Client

Lesley is an amazing massage therapist! I had a lot of really tight areas in my neck and shoulders and she worked wonders on releasing those knots while still providing a relaxing massage experience. Definitely coming back!

Megan, Massage Therapy Client

From Pain to Relief: I had tried everything I could think of to give relief from joint inflammation in both knees: NSAIDs, exercises and diet with little success. Then I was introduced to Bemer technology. Within 16 sessions (2 1/2 weeks )I had found relief. I am very impressed with this product.

Lucy, Bemer Client