Balance is Essential by Lesley Witt

What is balance and what does it mean to you? For me, balance means that I have the ability to give to others because I have enough physical and mental energy that has been created by making good choices.  These good choices encompass everything from my nutrition to my relationships with others, God, career and money. Everything is connected!

As a holistic health advocate and coach I help my clients determine what balance looks and feels like and how to implement lifestyle choices to move towards it.  I help my clients discover where they may be out of balance in a certain area of their life and how to make small changes over time to increase or decrease where needed in order to move towards their definition of a life of balance. Removing negative or toxic “ingredients” in your life by replacing them with positive, life-giving ones is very powerful and results in more energy, peace and happiness and ability to make positive self-care choices. Some of the tools I use when working with my clients are health coaching, massage/energy healing, BEMER vascular therapy, and essential oils.

Lesley Witt Health and Wellness Expert

Who is my ideal client?  I believe I can help anyone who already has some good self-care routines in place and a strong interest in learning how to incorporate more habits into their lives.  I find that my style of health coaching works best with those who do not run to the drugstore or the doctor when they are sick but seek natural alternatives first. If you are confused about which “diet” to go on to the point that you have analysis paralysis, contact me!  I can help you ditch the diet in exchange for learning how to nourish yourself not only with your food but also with your relationship to yourself, others, your career, your spirituality, your physical fitness and your money. Learning how to set good boundaries with yourself takes practice and time, which is why the health coach program is 6 months long.  You will be amazed at the changes you make!

When I was a child growing up in California in the 60’s my mother applied her interests in health and wellness with me with nutrition, La Leche League, Jack LaLanne.  There was great access to fresh fruit and vegetable in that part of the country. I had no processed food because my mother made my baby food! There was no ice cream in our freezer but once a year we went to Arby’s as a special treat. My sister and I were the ones with the Easter baskets with carob instead of chocolate and honey candy which I still enjoy.  As many do when they leave home, in college my check register reflected my exploration of other foods as almost every entry was to Domino’s Pizza! I did not make the connection between my frequent colds and sinus infections as well as digestive woes to ingesting dairy and gluten for many years. In fact, it was only after I became a student at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition that my health struggles resolved due to the dietary changes I started to make by limiting dairy and gluten.  

I live in Virginia Beach with my daughter, a very large cat and a very active Labradoodle. I  enjoy learning about many topics including energy healing, neuroscience, feng shui, and wine. Yoga and Pilates are my outlets for exercise along with walking on the boardwalk with my friends.  I escape into science fiction movies occasionally and eat a lot of dark chocolate.